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The Inflatable Booth

Introducing the Inflatable Booth: Where creativity and playfulness take center stage!

The Inflatable Booth brings a whole new level of fun and excitement to the world of photo booths. Picture a photo booth that is not only functional but also visually captivating—an inflatable structure that adds a touch of whimsy and charm to any event. Step inside the Inflatable Booth and be transported to a world of vibrant colors and delightful design. This booth is a true showstopper, featuring a unique inflatable structure that stands out from the crowd. Its eye-catching presence draws guests in, inviting them to unleash their creativity and capture unforgettable moments in a truly unique setting.

Designed for versatility, the Inflatable Booth is perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. Its lightweight and inflatable nature makes it easy to set up and transport, allowing you to bring the photo booth experience to any location with ease. Whether you're hosting a wedding reception, a festival, a corporate event, or a birthday party, the Inflatable Booth adds a touch of excitement and entertainment that will have your guests buzzing with delight.

Inside the Inflatable Booth, guests will find a spacious and comfortable environment that encourages them to let loose and strike their best poses. The booth is equipped with professional-grade cameras and lighting, ensuring that every photo captured is of the highest quality. From solo portraits to group shots, the Inflatable Booth delivers picture-perfect images that capture the essence of your event and the personalities of your guests.

But the Inflatable Booth is more than just a photo-taking experience—it's a place of imagination and playfulness. The inflatable structure allows for customization, with various themes and designs available to suit your event's aesthetic. Whether you want a whimsical wonderland, a tropical paradise, or a sleek and modern backdrop, the Inflatable Booth can be transformed to match your vision, creating a truly immersive experience that delights guests of all ages.

To add an extra layer of fun, the Inflatable Booth can be paired with a wide range of props and accessories that amplify the enjoyment. From silly hats and oversized glasses to playful signs and thematic props, the booth becomes a playground for creativity, encouraging guests to express themselves and have a blast while capturing memories.

With instant photo printing capabilities, guests can take home personalized photo prints as keepsakes of the event. And for those who can't wait to share their photos, the Inflatable Booth offers digital sharing options, allowing guests to instantly upload and share their photos on social media, spreading joy and excitement to friends and family.

So, if you're ready to inject a dose of playfulness and imagination into your next event, the Inflatable Booth is the perfect choice. Let this extraordinary photo booth experience transport your guests to a world of endless fun and laughter. Book the Inflatable Booth today and watch as your event becomes an unforgettable celebration of joy and creativity.
  • I am so happy we contracted with Creative Photo Booths and their amazing Mirror Me Booth, both the mirror and Wanda were great, well worth the cost!! All of our guest had a blast with it. We got a copy of all photos in a beautiful scrap book and on a thumb drive. Our guests were so amazed at all the animations! It was over the top. Thank You Wanda, we will defiantly recommend you and your booth to all.

    Matt and Jessica

  • The Mirror Me photo booth at our wedding was an absolute hit! Everyone went in more than once, and people loved the props that came with it. Wanda was responsive when it came to communication before the wedding, and she was extremely helpful when our guests didn't know how to use the new booth. We'd recommend Creative Photo Booths to anyone hosting an event.


  • Wanda and the Creative Photo Booths team were awesome! They came and set up during the dinner section of our wedding and they were not distracting one bit. Everyone enjoyed the photo booth and the pictures printed very fast. We will use them again and recommend Creative Photo Booths to all our friends.

    Lauren and Peter

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